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Who we are is how we lead.

Leading with Michele Norris

Meet Michele

Executive and Leadership Coach & Dare to Lead Facilitator

As an ICF credentialed (PCC) Executive and Leadership Coach, it is my experience that work has changed and transformational leaders hold the key to employee engagement, fulfillment, and retention. With 7 out of 10 employees not engaged at work (Gallup 2021), my most exciting coaching assignments are those where I witness leaders unlocking the brilliance they possess right under their surface. We all know the leader with whom we want to work. Through coaching, leaders can hold up the mirror and realize how they can be that leader for those who lives are entrusted to them.


Navigen Leadership’s coaching, corporate education and consulting focuses on creating the correct environment, culture, and strategic leadership to form connected teams and associates. Engaged associates who provide discretionary effort are most typically led by self-aware, emotionally intelligent leaders who also have Conversational Intelligence® and the courage to Dare to Lead™. Navigen’s leadership workshops, programs and courses enable these leaders with the courage building skills to understand themselves and connect with others. Positive Intelligence™ (PQ), The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™ and Reinvention are additional tools that I employ with my clients as I help leaders become more aware of the dynamics which leaders need to build trust, agility and resilience.

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What I Specialize In

Executive & Leadership Coaching

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The Journey Towards Your Career Goals Starts With Yourself.

Begin Your Journey Today.

Michele dissolved my fear of being criticized and I was able to go to places I was not
intending to because I trusted her. I slowed down, became my true authentic self, expressed fear and vulnerability. This created openness, the ability to be heard and the
freedom to speak.

- M. W.

Michele doesn't "fish for you", she "teaches you how to fish" thus empowering you to feed yourself for life.  She is the best question asker I've ever met and deeply cares about you as an individual.  Her approach to coaching and leadership has shaped my leadership compass.

-R. H.

Michele helps me see things from a different perspective without taking me out of the driver’s seat, so I
can learn to navigate my way and switch gears when necessary. She has a deep, thoughtful pause that
allows you to contemplate your why, and because she openly shares her own struggles, that pause feels
both safe and playful. This has allowed me to reframe some of my challenges into opportunities.

- S. S.

Let's build YOU to be your best self.

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